Op. Dr.

Nurullah Seyhun

Op. Dr. Nurullah Seyhun received his medical education at Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine.

He worked at Akçaabat Haçkalı Baba State Hospital and Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital.

He still continues to work in his own practice in Istanbul.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty? 

  • It reduces soft tissue trauma to zero. So the bruises and swelling almost never happens.
  • Owing to controlled cuts, the formed lines appear as it is drawn by a pen.
  • Providing more elegant transition from nose back to nose tip.
  • It prevents uncontrolled bone fractures due to use of chisel and hammer method or micro-motor systems. Thus, it prevents disorders causes to bad appearance that occurs between nasal bone and facial bones in form of steps.
  • Postoperative recovery is faster because it does not cause damage to the soft tissue surrounding the blood vessels and cartilages so patients may return to their daily lives much more quickly.
  • It reduces complications and unwanted situations occurring after rhinoplasty.

Why Op. Dr. Nurullah Seyhun

Just Rhinoplasty for 11 years…

Op. Dr. Nurullah Seyhun has focused his interest only in rhinoplasty for 11 years, has pioneered many innovations in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty and allowed his patients from all over the world and Turkey to satisfy with their new nose at a very high success rate.
He is known both domestically and internationally especially for creating very high patient satisfaction.


Surgical Implementations

Nasal Health

Sinuses are air-filled spaces embedded in the facial bones in the nasal cavity. It has various functions such as reducing the weight of the skull, creating a barrier against shocks and moisturizing the intranasal area by creating regular secretions…

Jaw Aesthetics

Many people want rhinoplasty surgery to have a better profile. But sometimes rhinoplasty is not enough for having a fine and balanced profile, especially in people with recessive chin and forehead characteristics…

Ear Aesthetics

All types of deformities in the shape of pinna is called as “Prominent Ear” which can occur due to various reasons and treated in different ways. Prominent ear is characterised by the deformity of pinna which collects the sound waves of outside world…

Facial Fat Injections

Fat injection is one of the most effective aesthetic procedures that permanently adding volume of the face. The adipose tissue received with special methods from the certain parts of the body such as the thighs and the abdomen…
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We are proud to have performed more than 3000 operations locally and internationally with very high patient satisfaction.

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